Warehouse Management System with in Unilever Iran

Unilever Iran Warehouse Mng. on Openbravo


Unilever Iran needed a modern Warehouse Management solution. The companies main warehouse in Qazvin, Iran was a 18.000 sq mt. size and had high transaction rates.

Critical Issue

The warehouse needed to obey high warehousing standards of Unilever Global with the local circumstances and a non-racked warehouse.

We should use Android hand held terminals for the project, which is a very new technology in warehousing.


Unilever Iran selected Openbravo as a solution and Selensoft as solution vendor. Openbravo selected for its state of the art technology and its open source behavior. Selensoft selected for its know-how and expertise on ERP, WMS and Open Source business applications experience.


The solution needed to work with 100 % traceability, in a non-wracked warehouse. All the operations should be supported with barcoding technology.

We Provided

We planned the project as a whole. Firstly, we selected the efficient hardware to run the project. Hardwares included are, Access Points, Barcode Printers, Hand held terminals, Forklift Tablets and Long Range barcode readers.

Secondly, we implemented Openbravo ERP as a backoffice software. Mainly the project is based on Master Data Management, Inventory, Sales and Procurement modules. Some modifications for barcoding support, integration and reporting are developed.

We build a Mobile Front End for using the software on Openbravo Mobile Core. Warehouse workers including pickers, forklift operators and supervisors use the system by this software with handhelds and tablets.

Barcoding was an important part of the solution. All the storage bins and pallets are barcoded. Pallets are barcoded with a unique id, so this gave our customer pallet level tracing in the warehouse.

We integrated our solution with Sage ERP, which the company is using.

Here are some of the functionalities provided:

  • Goods Receipt Mobile
  • Pallet Barcoding
  • Goods Movement Mobile
  • Warehouse Picking Mobile
  • Warehouse Shipping Mobile
  • Pallet Splitting
  • Warehouse Count Mobile
  • Stock Movement Tasks
  • Result

Over the last six months, Unilever Main Warehouse in Qazvin is equipped with the latest technology, including mobile devices, barcodes and Openbravo Warehouse Management solution developed by Selensoft. Order picking accuracy is increased 90 percent. Warehouse operations efficiency is increased.

Unilever Iran is completed a pioneer warehouse management project together with Selensoft.

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