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Open Source Business Apps

We believe in strength in numbers, and a large community around a good open source solution is a great recipe for stability and longevity. Alfresco ECM (Enterprise Content Management) , ProcessMaker BPM (Business Process Management), vTiger SuiteCRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERPNext Business Applications here.

Why is open source safer?

It's been argued that a system without source code is more secure because, since there's less information available for an attacker, it should be harder for an attacker to find the vulnerabilities.

Why is open source important?

Open source licensing encourages innovation through collaboration. Without it, many of the technologies we take for granted today would never have developed, or would be locked away behind patent law. The open source movement is the reason that technology has developed at such a breakneck pace for the past few decades.

Why we love Open Source Apps

As open source software brings new ideas and contributions, the developer community becomes an increasingly vibrant community that can share ideas freely..


Ensure a detailed analysis and effective modeling of your business processes by leveraging existing available functionality to reduce customization efforts


Leverage modularity best practices to build completely new features or processes that will be easy to maintain and extend in the future


Integrate and connect faster with other channels, systems or technologies and leverage existing connectors fully adapted to your needs.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a company that produces value-added projects, offers advanced technological solutions in the projects it produces, contributes to global knowledge with the solutions it offers, and increases local employment in Turkey and the surrounding countries.

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1. Collaboration

We are stronger together, the better we collaborate, the more effective we are. And We strive to be original and creative in our thinking.

2. Integrity

We are upfront and transparent with each other, our customers, and suppliers.

3. Drive

We feel the urge to excel and make every day better than the previous one.

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