Working together with the integration of ECM and BPM

Both industry-wide and state-wide enterprise IT decision-makers integrate systems to simplify their organization and achieve innovation, accelerate user adaptation, and deliver digital transformation. At the same time, analysts praise integration as a more holistic approach to meeting organizational needs.

Today, Alfresco, in particular by aligning our ECM and BPM solutions, has announced a major advance in content, human and process integration. Thanks to simultaneous updates with both Alfresco One and Alfresco Activiti, we provide a clear approach to companies ‘digital transformation goals by increasing the value of how organizations’ content is managed within the company, as well as providing the flexibility they need to meet emerging business process requirements. .

What we see more is the overwhelming majority of content linked to a business process, and vice versa, the overwhelming majority of processes are linked to important pieces of content. Therefore, an integrated content management and business process solution can be of great value to companies and governments around the world. Alfresco’s modern and open approach to these solutions has always accepted this critical dependence. This integration and integration is raising the bar across the industry and demonstrates Alfresco’s commitment to provide a better alternative to old approaches to how to manage content and processes in today’s business environment. And analysts agree.

The ECM and BPM are merging in a market called PCM [Process and Collaboration Management]. Carl Lehmann, Research Analyst, said that competing competitors, customers and potential customers in this new market will be forced to prove how they can better manage their business through improved business processes, improved collaboration and easier access to content and media. a new report. ”Alfresco’s evolving business strategy was prepared to do so.“

Leading companies will benefit from the tight integration of the ECM and BPM and the solutions designed and built to work together. For example, processing a loan application for a financial services company includes managing internally generated files as well as multiple documents from applicants as part of the credit approval process. Alfresco’s integrated solution simplifies workflow and improves customer service by combining process and content. It also captures checkflows and related content to help a company meet compliance requirements.

Alfresco’s goal was to provide a simple, smart and open platform to help companies meet all of their content and process needs. The alignment and integration of the ECM and BPM on our platform is a major leap forward, enhancing user efficiency with easy-to-use and easy-to-use solutions, enterprise-scale and platform modularity and security control, and the construction of future literate enterprises according to today’s open standards.

We are very excited at this milestone because it represents an important step along our journey to help strengthen digital transformation.