Why suggest Alfresco? What are the advantages of using the Alfresco platform when compared to riffle solutions? This article includes our perspective on Alfresco advantages:

  • First of all, Alfresco is newly developed compared to old content management systems, so it has adopted some of the best practices and it has avoided the problems faced by earlier systems.
  • Alfresco is open source so it is very easy to find problems if any and to extend it. The cost of licensing Alfresco is very less compared to other systems.
  • Alfresco does very well in performance, design, API design and has lot of great features such as auto PDF conversion, auto compression, etc.
  • The customer support and community support is very good.

JEE architecture

Alfresco is based on the JEE architecture, which facilitates the installation of large platforms and operating systems. Based on this architecture, Alfresco is not often “sensitive” to changes in the operating system. It is also evidence that security systems are often based on omissions in the operating system. From a more development perspective, JEE architecture is spreading around the world. Alfresco is designed to be extended with additional features and modules.

Microsoft Office Integration

The vast majority of clients use Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office as their primary toolset in the workplace. For this reason, the possibility of integration with AD or NTLM system for warehouse access control is very convenient for end users of systems because user names and passwords are defined centrally.

Most document management systems, including Alfresco, offer a more or less complex web interface that works well for specific actions or works with smaller documents. In day-to-day operations, the use of Windows Explorer or similar tools is more convenient for fast document processing. Access to the pool by the CIFS protocol is limited by the rights of the users (eg the user only sees the folders and documents he / she can access using the web interface) and is particularly suitable for automatically starting the document after it has been saved. a specific directory. This technology enables Windows operating system users to access the store without additional installation or configuration.

More and more correspondence via e-mail is gaining in importance from the media document management perspective of this exchange of information. With the IMAP protocol, various e-mail clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) can connect to the Alfresco repository by greatly simplifying the integration of the e-mail system into the document management system. Defining different rules can result in automatic classification and archiving of e-mails to the Alfresco repository.

Collaboration System

One of Alfresco ‘s relatively new components is the Alfresco Share – Collaboration System. The distinguishing component of this system from many other systems is closely integrated with the Alfresco repository or document management system. Documents in most collaboration systems are copies created and maintained elsewhere, and Alfresco Share provides the same information, a different look to the documents. At first glance, this system is similar to others – countless sites, document sharing, forums, wikis, contacts, calendars, etc. It allows them to be created. However, the important distinction is as follows – every piece of information recorded using this tool is automatically recorded in the Alfresco repository. External systems can be accessed differently.

Nowadays, from external sources (partners, users, etc.) Many documents are created by computer but they are printed in written documents and delivered to different organizations or departments in different ways (postal service, fax, etc.). Depending on the increasing amount of information, an important document management system feature is the search and retrieval of relevant information. Document management system input records (fax, letters, invoices, delivery notes, contracts, etc.) Typically scanned and converted into digital records, additional text recognition (Optical Character Recognition – OCR) is required and therefore search is important.

Configurable platform

Because of its open architecture and open source foundation, Alfresco is an overly configurable platform. Anyone who wants to look “under the hood” can find more than five hundred configuration files to provide new possibilities for the platform extension.


Traditionally, the implementation of the document management system, the implementation of the business management system, high costs for servers and licenses, long-term staff training, adaptation of existing processes, Used to be like. Alfresco facilitates the implementation of a gradual system that provides cost reduction and immediate display. Results.

Typically, the process begins with evaluating an easily testable solution (eg, the Alfresco Community) even within a virtual machine. This platform supports testing and evaluating most of the possibilities (important considerations regarding stability and reliability compared to commercial solution, ie Alfresco Enterprise). The next phase plans the functionality of the systems and the progressive business processes. Alfresco (web browser, e-mail client, Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office) uses familiar tools and training of users has been simplified considerably. When the system proves useful in everyday environments, the scope of services on this platform can be expanded and upgraded to the commercial version of the platform to ensure stable and reliable operation.

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