Why do you need a document management system?

Meet CEO John of a company with a traditional paper-based workflow. He is constantly losing vital documents. As a result, their partners find it difficult to deal with a person who is not so organized. On top of that, the low productivity of the staff overwhelmed by the paper causes the image of the company to be damaged. It’s a bleak picture. Is not it? However, there is no need to press the panic button. Three magical letters can make things better. These are BPM, DMS and ECM. Is he interested? Why do you need a document management system? Let’s discuss this now.

What are the reasons you need a document management system?

Some advertising items prefer organizing chaos. They say they inspire them to come up with the brightest ideas. However, with regard to the storage and retrieval of documents, it is outside the confusion of the workplace. There is discipline and order. So, if the search for a file turns into a frightening quest, it’s a high time to equip your team with a fixed DMS. This solves the following typical business-specific challenges arising from the abundance of paperwork.

Why do you need a document management system?

1. Damage caused by technical problems

Imagine the following scenario: Your sales manager spent a day or night in a presentation for a new customer. Ofen was pleased. The next morning when he came back, he saw that the document had disappeared or worsened; Suddenly it was inoperable. A virus attack or a large system crash is one of the possible causes of this glitch. In both cases the meeting lasts for half an hour and the sacred file can not be repaired. It sounds frightening, does not it? Fortunately, there is a solution that can prevent this catastrophe.

2. Paper stack looks like Mount Everest

The paperwork is an annoyance for all companies without exception. Documents produced, signed and modified daily between departments should be kept in a safe place. In practice, there are tables of your personal assistant or other staff in front of your desk. Document management software allows the secretary to leave long file cabinets or cold stores that spend their lives looking for long-forgotten accountant’s reports. Just imagine how great it would be to get on top of your documents using your laptop or smartphone. Many business owners are still a dream, but not for you. We’ll talk a little later.

3. Team collaboration is far from being great.

Collaborative project work, such as updating a branding book, can better integrate team members than any team building event. However, it assumes an organizational document workflow for the relevant users. Do not see who edited the file and what changes were made, meet deadlines to follow the latest version, and influence the team’s microclimate negatively. Document management services are useful here. They do not leave any room for the error by showing the latest version. Ready-to-use integration with SharePoint or Google Docs can only empower users to work simultaneously, independently of where they are located.

4. When data security is a primary concern

The infiltration of confidential information is a very important issue in modern society. Work is not immune to this problem. It is difficult to predict the possible damage of an enterprise if the customer database falls into the wrong hands, for example, directly into your competitors. DMS for internal use only removes these risks without built-in encryption, which has no access to the outside system.

5. Desire to save planet

Conscious companies feel their responsibility towards the environment. They remain committed to paperless principles that are intended to be more environmentally friendly. Why are not you following the case? With document management services, you have the ability to reduce the use of paper in your area. Think about how many trees you can save during the year. Plus, if you use printers and copies less often, you can save energy.

Is There a Solution? Of course, Alfresco ECM – Enterprise Content and Document Management and ProcessMaker BPM.