Best choice Alfresco Document Management System! Why Alfresco is the best choice for document management software?

You have already found out what makes the Document Management System such an irreplaceable tool. Also, you have identified the types of business and industries that can benefit from its implementation. You have become familiar with key points not to lose sight of which choosing the DMS. Now you might wonder, what is the best solution for all platforms offered on the market.

Why Alfresco is the best choice for document management software?

Over ten years our customers have been going paperless with us. We manage to do this with Alfresco Document Management solutions, and that is why:

Open architecture

Alfresco is based on the open source principle. It can work effortlessly with any system or database. The high quality and consistency of the operation distinguishes this platform from other open source software.

Complete integration

Alfresco Document Management System, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, e-mail clients, etc. It is famous for its ready-to-use integration of the most popular third-party services, including. The cross platform architecture allows for modular architecture and the clarity of its components to integrate the Alfresco ECM into any existing infrastructure. It is much easier and faster to develop new modules than to build the product from scratch, if idle functionality is required.

Find one minute to read the most popular third-party integrations in Alfresco like Seclore and Ephesoft and others.

Highly customizable

Alfresco makes it possible to change document management software’s open-source based default functionality. A Spring Surf framework allows you to customize the user interface according to your needs. Dashlets (modules) extend capabilities effortlessly. They are used to display more collected information. Another win-win proposal is a special page for full appearance. In the case of meta-data, Alfresco’s flexibility allows users to add features to the uploaded file without using default files. With Alfresco ECM, a wide variety of options have been designed to meet the most unusual needs of the business.

Reliable data protection

Authentication and authorization guarantee the security of sensitive data. Alfresco supports different authentication types. You can also apply additional modules for custom authentication types. If you need to integrate Alfresco into your employees’ database, the system has an OOTB LDAP support that simplifies this task. Alfresco DMS users should have access to business files with a role-based security model. It is possible to register with invitation only.


When it comes to scalability, the main difference between Community and Enterprise Editions is that the second is cluster support and cloud versions. DBS ensures that both Alfresco’s Community and Enterprise Editions, concurrent users and API sessions are unlimited. The only restriction you can meet is the performance of the servers and databases you use. The number of active users and the amount of files define the required hardware capacities. For example, you need 2x server CPU (1xDual-Core) 30GB + of storage to store 1 billion documents viewed and edited by a maximum of 20 users.

Last thought

Why is Alfresco the best choice for document management software? With the Alfresco Document Management System, John can certainly verify his ship. Documents will be carefully stored and accessible upon request. Staff will get rid of the abundance of paperwork and become more productive. For example, if you persuade us to implement the Document Management Software, your Alfresco team is ready to run around.

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