Types of business that need a document management system

What are your ambitions? Which Types of business that need a document management system? Have you already worked out plans for the next business season? You should take into account the current state of affairs and potential growth of your business when you consider embracing a new technology since it will affect your further cooperation with the software providers.

For example, the vendors will offer a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to small organizations and focus on security and enhanced features for big enterprises. Let’s see how the attitude toward the CMS is changing as the size of business increases:

Types of business that need a document management system

SMB (small and mid-sized businesses)

Even the companies with less than 100 employees have business files of great importance that should be carefully organized, stored, and retrieved. With the annual revenue of $5-10 million, these businesses can afford a turnkey DMS system with the diverse out-of-the-box functionality. However, if the extended functionality, adapted to the specific needs of your company is required, there will be additional costs for some enhancements. They will not beat the expenses of the big enterprises for sophisticated Content Management System though.

SME (small and medium enterprises)

The bigger companies where the staff is up to 500 employees apply new technologies more willingly. As usual, there is an IT department with alfresco developers to implement document management software. Sometimes business owners still see the DMS as a potential training problem for the staff. The lack of in-house experts forces them to seek vendors who offer customized technical support and maintenance service. It is not a big deal because there are vendors on the market who provide staff training after the project completion.

Large enterprises

The big companies with more than 1000 employees and the annual revenue that exceeds $1 billion solve the typical and specific content management challenges with the DMS system. Excessive use of emails, sending confidential data via messenger or chat, the duplicated versions of one file are some of them. Such platforms are designed for addressing these issues by storing carefully lots of previously unstructured and duplicated business files.

The list of challenges solved by a reliable CMS is far from complete. Not only different types of business can benefit from its implementing but different industries as well. Let’s consider this issue in more detail.