Mobile Document and Process Management

Mobile Document and Process Management Mobile Content and Transaction Services
Mobile document and business process management system

Mobile Document and Process Management

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Mobile Workspace

I am very excited to announce this early access release of Alfresco Mobile Workspace, a brand new mobile app for content management.

What is Alfresco Mobile Workspace?

Alfresco Mobile Workspace is a brand new mobile application that looks similar to Alfresco Digital Workspace. Out of the box, the Mobile Workspace is the perfect companion for the Digital Workspace, allowing users to seamlessly interact with content from their web and mobile devices.

Mobile Business Is More Than Delighting Millennials

People expect to be able to access any information anytime, anywhere. If you don't meet your employees' needs, they will find new ways of working with or without your help. Or they will find a more productive company to work for.

Upload, view, edit, approve and share information on the go. Keep your workforce productive, your data safe, and your business moving.

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Alfredo One! Just as you want it

To help you stay one step ahead, Alfresco's mobile apps allow employees to collaborate seamlessly and securely:

  • Content Services App allows you to share and organize vital content

  • Process Services App supports smart business processes

  • Application Development Framework allows you to build applications to solve any enterprise requirement

Mobile Document Management

Effective collaboration relies on instant access to content wherever you are. Mobile Content Services allow employees to view, edit and share information inside and outside the office.

  • View and edit all popular formats including Microsoft Office.

  • Sync content for up-to-date access even when you're offline.

  • Easily find the right content with advanced search features.

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Mobile Process Services

Empower your workforce and delight customers. Alfresco Process Services' native iOS and Android apps help you manage your business better than ever before:

  • Create tasks, receive notifications and check the status of open cases

  • Initiate new processes and collaborate to resolve cases

  • Upload images, documents or any other mobile content.


Application Development Framework

One size doesn't fit all. Especially when it comes to your critical business tasks. Solve specific needs by quickly creating your own apps:

  • Complete flexibility for applications that meet your needs.

  • Users enjoy personalized experiences.

  • Responsive apps for any screen size.

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More Mobility Without Risk

With content accessible from mobile devices from anywhere in the world, you are right to worry about security and governance. But Alfresco is protecting you. Robust, multi-level security measures protect your content no matter what.

  • Native apps enforce corporate access policies

  • You can permanently encrypt data on mobile devices

  • Work and personal files on the same device? Manage them separately and securely

  • Manage your apps with mobile device management solutions for more control

Our Alfresco ECM (ACS APS ADF) Software powers the day-to-day work of more than 11 million people in industry-leading organizations in more than 190 countries around the world...

Join us, we are more valuable with you.