DSpace 7 Installation


DSpace 7 Installation

Installation Overview
Backend Installation
Installing the Backend (Server API)
Backend Requirements
UNIX-like OS or Microsoft Windows
Java JDK 11 (OpenJDK or Oracle JDK)
Apache Maven 3.3.x or above (Java build tool)
Apache Ant 1.10.x or later (Java build tool)
Relational Database (PostgreSQL or Oracle)
PostgreSQL 11.x, 12.x or 13.x (with pgcrypto installed)
Oracle 10g or later
Apache Solr 8.x (full-text index/search service)
Servlet Engine (Apache Tomcat 9, Jetty, Caucho Resin or equivalent)
(Optional) IP to City Database for Location-based Statistics
Git (code version control)

Frontend Installation
Apache HTTPD, Nginx, etc.
Installing the Frontend (User Interface)
Frontend Requirements
UNIX-like OS or Microsoft Windows
Node.js (v12.x or v14.x)
Yarn (v1.x)
PM2 (or another Process Manager for Node.js apps) (optional, but recommended for Production)

DSpace 7 Installation
DSpace 7.0 Installation
DSpace 7.1 Installation
DSpace 7.2 Installation
DSpace 7.3 Installation
DSpace 7.4 Installation

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