Retail ERP

Re-engineer your retail business with an integrated solution that supports omnichannel and evolving customer needs. Openbravo Retail ERP Commerce Suite.

Adopt a solid ERP foundation for omnichannel retail

  • Enable transformation of your physical stores to play their new role in today’s omnichannel era.
  • Gain accurate control and visibility of inventory across locations to ensure optimum operational performance and deliver enhanced customer service regardless of the channel.
  • Centralize management of products, pricing and promotions to achieve greater information consistency across channels.

Simplify retail business management using a single integrated system

  • Improve business performance with integrated retail financial management.
  • Optimize replenishment and overall inventory spend across your whole distribution network.
  • Simplify multi-store management with real-time visibility of sales and inventory across local and international locations.

Achieve greater agility and accelerate growth for your retail business with Cloud and Mobility

  • Reduce launch cycles and costs to satisfy customers’ expectations for a greater variety of products and more frequent introductions.
  • Scale faster into new locations and markets and significantly reduce the time needed to deploy new functionality, so lowering the overall IT expenditure.
  • Rapidly and effortlessly embrace mobility and so improve business operations productivity and provide effective support to your mobile-first strategy.

Global market leaders prefer Openbravo Retail ERP to manage their retail business

Retail ERP Features

The preferred solution for mid-size to large retailers looking to adopt a solid ERP foundation for omnichannel retailing.

Effortlessly execute your end-to-end omnichannel strategy, simplify retail business management and accelerate growth with Cloud and Mobility.

Increase sales with effective channel integration and greater customer focus

Supply Chain
Improve inventory control and accuracy for omnichannel success

Increase the efficiency of your retail corporate processes

Manage your retail business better with faster decision making

Prepare for future growth as your retail business evolves

A future-proof commerce platform to deliver omnichannel services


Sivasdescalzo using Openbravo Retail ERP