Survey: Automating the Processes in the Public

Alfresco made a survey: Automating Processes Helps Cut Bottlenecks in the Public Sector! Why is it necessary to automate public processes?

A new research study examines more than 700 decision makers and influencers in the public sector, examining the biggest bottlenecks or delays in public sector organizations’ daily business processes.

Raporda will be dealt with as follows:

  • The effect of certain data sharing channels such as e-mail
  • The methods used to manage processes daily
  • Increased workloads in data processing and compliance due to the increase in Subject Access Requests (SAR) and Information Freedom (FOI) requests
  • Brexit’s impact on future workflow management

We also look at viable solutions to these issues and roles that Business Processes Management ( BPM ) plays in lifting bottlenecks to automate, accelerate, and standardize rule-based or management tasks.

To find out more about Automating Processes in the Public, see the corresponding article:

BPM Description:

BPM software can be integrated into existing IT networks and can be used to automate and link previously simple manual tasks.

Processes that are particularly suited for automation are processes that are initiated by a specific, triggering event, such as a procurement order or an application for social care financing, and progress in a series of well-defined steps towards a clear conclusion.

As with most of the management in the Public Sector, ‘this, then’ workflow flows, BPM’s potential is increasingly recognized and available to increase efficiency, improve financial performance and enhance citizen satisfaction. beneficiary services.

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A new research study, surveying over 700 decision makers and influencers in the public sector examines the biggest bottlenecks or delays that public sector agencies face in their day-to-day business processes.