After configuring and installing several modules, OpenERP provides you with several Business Application-related Features such as :


OpenERP sales management module provides you a better control to your Organization sales order and other sales related services such as creating a new sale, filtering different sales order etc.

Some other features of sales management modules are :

  • Create and managing your company wiki for Sales FAQ
  • Geolocalization module, allowing you to send qualified opportunities directly to external partners
  • Manage your Marketing Campaigns and send automated e-mails based on your own templates
  • History tab in the Customer form to keep track of all events
  • Create a new partner from a lead or an opportunity, or merge with an existing partner
  • There are vaious bar graphs and pie diagrams available which give view of the Sales order in various stages.
  • Sales module can be customized according to the requirement of an organization such as having different approvals based on the value of the Sales order, Email notifications and alerts etc.


OpenERP warehouse management module is very simple and flexible and easy to understand and use. It is based on the concept of double entry that revolutionized accounting. It allows you to manage complex needs very easily: tracking stocks of suppliers/customers, full traceability, accounting links, etc

Some Other features of warehouse management module are:

  • OpenERP supports push and pull rules to define your complex routes in your warehouses.
  • See your inventory’s worth
  • Trace your stock moves
  • Control Receptions
  • Configure units of measure by reference unit, bigger than / smaller then reference unit
  • Update stock level from the Product form and automatically create a physical inventory for it.


Open ERP provides a fully flexible accounting module that covers financial accounting, analytic accounting, third party management, taxes management, budgets, assets, etc. Open ERP’s accounting and financial management modules enable you not only to manage your operations clearly, but also to use various tools for financial analysis based on both real-time data and recent history depending on the analysis.

Some Other features of Accounting & Financial Management modules are –

* Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-analytic axes,

* Separate numbering is now also available for Bank Journals

* Quickly enter Journal Entries from List View from the Journal Items menu. Configure your journal with default debit & credit accounts, select the journal in the Journal Items List View, click New and start creating new entries

  • Chart of Accounts and Chart of Taxes can be displayed for a selected period
  • Use the Financial Management Configuration Wizard to easily select features you want to use
  • Lots of customizable reports
  • Real-time consolidation of multiple charts of accounts
  • Different journal types for Refunds and Invoices
  • When creating a new journal, parameters are preset according to the journal type. The Entry Sequence for the journal is automatically created on Save
  • Cash Box, possible to keep a real cash register


OpenERP Project Management module provides great set of services in managing daily tasks within the organization. If you have good systems for managing tasks, then your whole company will benefit. Open ERP’s project management modules enable you to manage and track tasks efficiently, work on them effectively, delegate them quickly, and track the delegated tasks closely. Open ERP also helps people in the company to organize their personal time.

Some features of project management module are :

  • Creating Projects and Related Tasks
  • Once a project has been defined, you can enter the tasks to be executed.
  • Improved Gantt chart in the Web version,
  • Long Term Planning that can be calculated according to the working time of each employee involved in the project with the new Scheduler feature
  • Invoicing Tasks
  • You can plan your projects with Long Term Planning


The manufacturing modules of OpenERP manage all the best-practices concerning manufacturing industries different costs methods available, phantom BoMs, configurable products, workcenter operations, integrates sales forecasts, etc. It supports several methods to automate productions or purchases propositions such as Master Production Schedule, Minimum Stock Rules etc.

Some features of Manufacturing Management Module are :

  • Double-entry stock operations for powerful traceability
  • Control costs and margins on orders, projects, products, partners
  • Easy to setup and run
  • Track the evolution of the stock value, according to the level of manufacturing activities as they progress in the transformation process.
  • Schedulers automatically organise manufacturing orders, launch purchase orders & reserve products in stock.


OpenERP provides all latest features and functionalities to effectively manage the human resource in an organization. OpenERP Human Resources provides a complete set of tools that allows companies to manage the most crucial assets in their organization-their workforce. It includes applications for managing recruitments or performance evaluations. It also provides the tools to track and manage attendance, leaves of absence and timesheets. OpenERP’s Human Resources modules enable you to manage important aspects of staff work efficiently, such as their skills and working time.

Features of Human Resource Management Modules are :

  • Record timesheets, check time spent on tasks, control your employees and project costs.
  • Contract management : This helps to manage the employee contracts. This manages the various information such as start and end date, salary structure, allowances and deductions etc.
  • Attendance management : This manages the daily attendances of staff members with sign-in and sign-out features.
  • Holiday management : This helps you to manage the different kinds of leaves and their allocation, leave requests and its approval or refusal, leaves analysis and leaves reporting.
  • Payroll management : This helps to manage all aspects of managing employee salaries and reporting. This includes the management of salary slips, payment advices, salary heads and salary register.
  • Employee evaluation : This helps to manage the periodic evaluations of the employees. An evaluation can be created by an employee for sub-ordinates, juniors as well as for his manager. This helps to keep a trace over the reviews and identify and focus on the area of improvement.

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