Openbravo Advanced Warehouse Operations is a flexible solution for simple or complex, manual or automated warehouses and is prepared to connect to automated/robotized operations. It consists of a set of functionalities that enable warehouses to optimize space utilization and operator transactions, while increasing inventory accuracy. Abreviated as AWO, this module provides the infrastructure necessary to define warehouse structures and rules, and execute the operations through the Openbravo mobile technology as well as through the Openbravo backend functionalities. These operations include receipts, movements, pickings, replenishments, counts and several advanced operations as detailed below.

Openbravo Advanced Warehouse Operations

openbravo retail erp platform

openbravo retail erp platform

Together with a proper planning and execution of replenishments, this will have a positive effect on working capital utilization though the following direct impacts:

  1. Improved sales by avoiding stock-outs and obsoletes;
  2. Improved internal efficiency by efficiency driven operations with dynamic Task Priority and Travel Sequences.
  3. Improved internal efficiency by intuitive UI and offline-resistent mobile operations;
  4. Reduced costs by optimization of space utilization by Popularity Codes and Dynamic Capacity calculations;
  5. Reduced costs by optimization of staff;
  6. Reduced costs by preventing obsolete- and excess inventory;
  7. Reduced costs by use of common hardware components.

The power of the solution lies is the simplicity of the user interface and operator handling on the mobile devices, combined with the configuration possibilities. The simplicity of the UI hides the configuration that is capable of handling all kinds of exceptions, priorities and incidents that may occur during the management of inventory. Therefore, this documentation starts with a thourough explanation of the configuration and possibilities.

This wiki is written in two major focus points, each with several chapters:

  • Explanation and examples about the Openbravo Advanced Warehouse Operations AWO Configuration, starting here
  • Explanation and examples about the Openbravo Advanced Warehouse Operations AWO Operation, starting here