How to choose the best document management software? You’ve already seen some advantages of document management software up to now. The only thing that needs to be done is to continue on the path and make certain actions that will take you right.

How to choose the best document management software?

Define your document management needs

Before you start looking for possible options, check the job tasks that the CMS is trying to resolve. In case of business extensions, consider possible changes of these difficulties. Discuss the current paperwork with employees. What are the most common tasks? Do pre-created files have to be scanned or watched and changed? Timely answers to these questions are crucial in terms of implementing DMS with key features such as batch scanning, optical character recognition, or easy working with drafts.

Discover the basic software of your foundation

Consider an operating system used by your employees. This rule is especially true for in-house solutions, as they each work correctly with a single operating system. See the system requirements for your selected DMS. If your computers have low configurations and low disk space, find a digital solution to fit it. Check the compatibility of the selected DMS with other services and applications in your company, especially your CRM and ERP databases.

Check system compliance with industry regulations

Every industry has special regulations that control the hiding process of electronic documents. HIPAA for healthcare providers, FDA for retailers and FDA for PCI are some of them. The system you install will be in compliance with the regulations of the industry with regard to the work of confidential information. It is very important if you want to avoid criminal proceedings in the event of a security breach.

Care of post-launch support

For example, DMS integration at Aimprosoft comes with post-release staff training. However, after a sudden interruption, it is not harmful to ask if there is someone to spare. Suppose you want to know more about the specific option. Do you have educational materials (eg online help tables, guides, guides and videos) to help you? What about 24/7 live chat? First, we know how vital it is for customers to get help. We provide pre-agreed maneuvers for monthly technical support. It can be an excellent variety for any organization.

Focus on security settings

Clarify security measures against identity thieves or disgruntled employees. Is it possible to restrict certain sections from viewing documents? Could you set a password for specific folders or files? What is data encryption and multi-factor authentication? How to create e-signatures for digital certificates These questions should not be left unattended.

Pay special attention to the user interface

There is always someone in a company who is reluctant to adopt an innovative technology, even if it promises to save it from routine duties. Provide a solution with a simple, user-friendly interface so you can understand how your employees work with any background and skills. Thanks for read the “How to choose the best document management software?” post.

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