Groupe Rand accelerates its digital transformation in the fashion industry with Openbravo!
Lille, France, March 7, 2019 – Openbravo, a global multi-channel platform vendor for agile and innovative retail, today announced a new contract by Groupe Rand. The contract covers the distribution of Openbravo software using the Openbravo Cloud and application services at the company’s headquarters and in 43 stores owned by Lollipops and Balaboosté in France, Spain and Italy. Groupe Rand accelerates its digital transformation in the fashion industry with Openbravo.

This strategic project will enable Groupe Rand to progress in the digital transformation of their work in fashion jewelry and accessories. The company will modernize its retail sales operations, enhance the customer experience in all stores through mobile POS and strengthen its innovation strategy with new features to accelerate its multi-channel strategy.

Groupe Rand chose Openbravo Store Retail Software

Groupe Rand CIO Marc Aimonino

Işlevsel We were particularly impressed by the flexibility of Openbravo’s cloud and mobile technology platform, which will enable us to achieve the functional scope and agility of our business and the significant IT cost savings. “

Al We are happy to sign this agreement with Openbravo to accelerate our digital transformation in our retail business, “he said.

“We are very pleased with this new project with Groupe Rand, a renowned French-fashioned leader. This confirms the value our cloud-based multichannel solution provides compared to other legacy retail software players in the French market,” said Bruno Menteaux, Director of France and Northern Europe at Openbravo.

“The flexibility offered by Openbravo will allow the current system to be replaced very quickly, so the company can quickly focus on its new growth strategy.”

Groupe Rand has chosen Openbravo Store Retail System!

About Groupe Rand
Groupe Rand, a Parisian leader in fancy jewelry and five generations of fashion accessories market, continues to support the link between innovation and traditional technical knowledge.

At the same address, Groupe Rand, located in the heart of Paris for more than 80 years, is located at more than 11,000 outlets in 12 countries worldwide. More than 700 employees are dedicated to developing the company around its founding values: passion, loyalty, respect and innovation.

About Openbravo
Openbravo is a global multi-channel platform vendor for agile and innovative retail. Openbravo Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based multi-channel platform that provides comprehensive multi-channel capabilities. It is based on a highly flexible, mobile-enabled technology platform that allows retailers to make faster and faster innovations and manage change more efficiently.

With customers in more than 60 countries and more than 16,000 back office users and 25,000 sales points that currently use solutions, Openbravo offers the most flexible multi-channel platform on the market. Openbravo has offices in France, Dubai, India, Mexico and Spain.

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Groupe Rand chose Openbravo Store Retail Software