ERPNext Complete ERP solution. ERPNext is a solution that is being developed and supported by the ERPNext Foundation, which brings together users, developers and service providers.

ERPNext Complete ERP solution

It is a complete ERP solution for the needs of production, service, retail, distribution, education, agriculture, health services, non-profit organizations and NGOs.

Very popular among open source ERP applications, ERPNext has all the modules it needs to find in an ERP application. Starting with the product tree definition process, which is the first serious step in the adaptation process in ERP applications, the CRM module will be transformed into a quadruple ERP solution with the passing of the imagination. However, it should not be forgotten that open source ERP solutions such as paid ERP implementations should be investigated without disregarding the operational structure and culture before they are preferred. An ERP application that is otherwise not used effectively and correctly can bring painful experiences for an enterprise.

In order for an ERP application to be feasible

In order for an ERP application to be feasible, it is a requirement to have the localization feature expressed as localization. Localization can be expressed briefly as compliance with language support and local accounting system. The fact that ERP implementation is not compatible with the accounting system and official language of an country is a critical question. erpnext this localization there’s a reason we have chosen for installation compatible with the accounting system implemented in Turkey and the Turkish state is in.

Briefly, some other features will be discussed;

ERPNext is a web based application and therefore the infrastructure needs are not high.

With PayPal and Razorpay payment methods; With LDAP and Oauth and social media authentication methods; On the backup side it is designed to be easily integrated with Amazon S3 and Dropbox.

Integration with main ERP modules

Integration with main ERP modules comes with ERPNext support, maintenance, project and CRM modules. For ERPNext, which is completely free, the only expense you need is the support and software consultancy you need and the cloud or hardware / operating system infrastructure. Because ERPNext can run on open source operating systems, there is no license cost on the infrastructure side. This cost advantage is that the choice of open source ERP solutions is also key. Like many ERP applications commonly used in the world, ERPNext is a US origin. At the same time, contrary to our country, open-source ERP solutions in Europe are being used at very serious rates, including public institutions, due to the economic recession in North America and especially in recent years.