An application for all your Business Processes

Do you need a system that can expand as your company grows?

Online CRM customer tracking program
BPM – business process management
ERP – Enterprise resource planning system
ECM, DMS and DAM Enterprise content, documents and digital asset management
Business Tracking System applications: sales, purchasing, stock, warehouse, production, project, task management, human resources, personnel expenses expense management, document and business process management

Online CRM and Corporate Business Applications

Modular and customizable, user friendly, easy to operate and entertaining business tracking and management system applications such as OnLine CRM, BPM, DMS, ERP, WMS are ready for you. Odoo introduces a new definition to the concept of ERP, offering a unified business system to corporations. All the functions you need to manage the operations and business processes of all the departments in your enterprise.


Business Process Management allows all units of the organization, suppliers and customers to work with workflows.


Real customer focused CRM. Keep track of your prospects and business opportunities. Execute your business in the right way.


Document Management system for managing your corporate content, digital assets and documents.


The enterprise resource planning system encompasses all the functions needed to manage all the departments, operations and processes in a business.


Enterprise Content and Document Management system. Your institution can stream, store, review and review the daily document flow.


WMS is the name of the Warehouse Management System. With Openbravo WMS, it manages all operations that can occur in an ambassador effectively and efficiently.


Manage your projects properly. Follow and do your project work and your assigned tasks step by step. Project Management System, finance, order, procurement etc. fully integrated with other modules.


MRP Production Planning and Tracking Program has the most handsome, easy-to-understand user interface in the market. You can view your production and work orders from a single interface and arrange them as you like.

Our valuable services for you …

Our team serves you in a coordinated business association with your company, from analyzing and designing processes to implementation, support from users and technical trainings, customization and improvement without looking to make your products more productive for our business.

Unibravo helps you to build your BPM, CRM, DMS and ERP strategy. It provides you with the right product and application.

It enables the implementation to be performed in a healthy manner according to the business processes that are created according to the needs of the operator.

Unibravo creates forms and functions tailored to the needs of the operator in the direction of customization tools other than the standard functions of the product.

With visual materials and practical trainings, users are able to use their business applications smoothly and to manage their work more efficiently.

You can test your business applications live in the demo environment, adding, updating, deleting and monitoring their performance, which makes your business more proactive and more performance.

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