Decathlon Sports India selects Openbravo Retail ERP.
Decathlon Sports India selects the Openbravo Commerce Suite as the core component for its new retail system, enabling Decathlon’s growth strategy in the Indian market and gets maximum benefit thanks to the Enterprise Edition.

Decathlon Sports India selects Openbravo Retail ERP

“Thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Suite we adopted an emerging and modern solution capable to effectively address our Retail business requirements whilst being well aligned with our budget. Based on experience we have had of the Openbravo solutions over the last years, we feel Openbravo will be a key software provider to help achieve our ambitious retail growth plans in India for the years to come. This confidence is based on the promise of the solution and the strong commitment shown by the Openbravo team in building the pillars of the long-term partnership between Decathlon Sports India and Openbravo.”

Vincent Dufromont

CIO – Decathlon Sports India

Decathlon Sports India selects Openbravo Retail ERP


The executive at Decathlon Sports India realized 5 years ago the importance of a retail solution in managing their growing business and the advantage that an open source retail solution could bring.

Openbravo was chosen as the product for the implementation to support their growth at an affordable cost and it was decided to go with the Community Edition in a first phase. Then some issues in the implementation made them look at new options and finally in 2012 they decided to upgrade to the Openbravo Commerce Suite Enterprise Edition.

The adoption of Openbravo Retail ERP Enterprise Edition has allowed Decathlon Sports India to:
  • Execute a more effective stores replenishment process through different business rules, based on current or historical sales, ad-hoc requests… that minimize logistic costs and stock-out situations.
  • Have the opportunity to use mobile devices in warehouse activities that provide higher productivity and accuracy.
  • Provide its stores with a flexible and mobile-enabled POS solution that helps to improve the buying experience in the store.
  • Gain higher merchandise agility thanks to a powerful discounts and promotions engine and the capacity to manage a huge number of products.
  • Easily integrate with existing systems.
  • Adopt a new commerce platform that will allow to solidly progress in current and future strategies, and facilitating the future implementation of a complete OMS (Order Management System).
  • Gain higher control and value of the solution after upgrading from Community Edition, thanks to the adoption of Openbravo’s best practices and access to Openbravo professional support.


Decathlon Sports India selects Openbravo Retail ERP

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Openbravo Retail ERP Multi Device, Multi Company ERP

Openbravo Retail ERP Multi Device


  • System already in production with a customized Openbravo Community Edition, which made difficult to enhance functionality and update to the latest version.
  • Adopt an affordable solution adapted to the company strategy.
  • Roll-out a solution able to support an aggressive growth strategy in India during the coming years.
  • Provide stores with a much modern solution flexible enough to adapt to the most specific Decathlon’s requirements.



Decathlon Sports India chose the Openbravo Commerce Suite because of:

  • Its flexibility to adapt to their key business requirements and easy integration with other applications.
  • A price point that was within their budget range.
  • The freedom open source provides.


System provides today support to over 50 physical stores in India:

  • Store Operations including sales and mobile inventory management.
  • Integration with other solutions:
    • Registration and feedback applications integrated with the POS application to capture customer data and customer feedback respectively.
    • E-Commerce platform integration.
    • Corporate Gift Cards platform.
    • Integration with corporate system for Supply Chain planned for the mid term, which will enhance Store Operations by integrating with Global Warehouse Management activities.


Company Description

Decathlon is a French Sports equipment and Sports-wear company founded in 1976 that sells sports products in more than 725 stores in 20 countries around the world and develops its own products under the flagship brand “Oxylane”.

Decathlon sells more than 4.000 products in 40 sports by offering the right choice of attractive, qualitative and affordable products for amateurs. Decathlon aims to offer the lowest possible prices in their stores and online all year round through its vertically integrated organization – from R&D, to components, to manufacture, supply, logistics and sales – and with a team of sports enthusiastic and customer-centric staff. And Decathlon Sports India selects Openbravo Retail ERP.