Alfresco Installation
Alfresco 7.4 Kurulumu - Installation

Alfresco Installation

Alfresco Community Edition 7.4 is available as a distribution zip file for manual installation, or it can be installed using an Ansible playbook (Linux only) for non-containerized environments. It is also available as a set of Docker images that can be deployed in containerized environments using docker-compose or Helm charts (for Kubernetes).

ZIP Distribution files


Deployment resources available in

Docker Compose

Reference Docker Compose templates available in

Additional Docker Compose deployment methods:


Helm charts available in

Upgrading from previous releases

Care should be taken when upgrading from any previous releases of Alfresco Community Edition 7.4. There are some steps that should be reviewed and planned before you upgrade. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the guidance below and plan your upgrade.

Please refer to the detailed Upgrading documentation, including Alfresco Content Services upgrade paths.

In particular, please ensure that the following steps are completed before you start your upgrade process:

Alfresco Installation
Mehmet Demirel 12 October, 2023
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