Alfresco Workdesk’te İK uygulaması yapılandırma ve kullanmak için yerel Alfresco CMIS adaptörüyle Alfresco Workdesk’i yapılandırdıktan sonra, yerel veri tabanı deposunda İK veri modelini içe aktarmak için veya install-workdesk-hr.bat (windows için) yükleyici çalıştırmamız gerekir.

Not: Bu yükleyici yalnızca topluluk baskısı paketinde kullanılabilir.

Assuming that you have alfresco community edition package.Extract it and Goto location (Delivery)\bin\Sample Application\Human Resources Application\ and run the command.

sudo sh -ap -u -p

Note: Use administrative credentials.

Once it is done hit the URL http://localhost:8080/workdesk.You can see the login page as below.

Log in with admin credentials.You can see the home page as following.
Here on top all the tabs “Dossiers”,”Browse”,”Settings” … are displayed .Now click on browse tab.Here left side all the by default created dossiers are listed.On right side it is displaying all the content of the highlighted Dossier.On first column it is displaying all the actions which can be taken on the document.
Please refer the below image.The columns displayed on right side can be configured using settings for each tab.

Creating Dossier.Click on Dossier tab and click on “Create New Dossier” icon.Fill up the required data and click on save.Please refer the below image for reference.

Add HR documents to specific dossier.Click on Dossier(register mode) then click on specific dossier.Now click on “Add new HR documents” icon and upload the document.We can also edit the metadata of the document.

Now click on search tab.Here we can search the documents based on provided metadata.For example “Find Dossiers(By Knowledge)”.
We can also set the search limit. Please refer the below image.

Configuring the colums displayed in tabs using settings.We can also set the inital sorting on which metadata and on which order. Please refer the below image.

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