Every day more organizations include ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions. Over time, these trends are growing as a strategy for document lifecycle management (capture, management, storage, and distribution of documents related to the organization of content, documents).

ECM solutions are aimed at providing organizations with flexibility and scalability, accessing documents from anywhere and using business applications. Following this trend, 5 of the many benefits that Alfresco ECM brings to organizations are mentioned:

1. Best efficiency:

Having all the documentation in a single repository is easier than finding and receiving information, facilitating the tasks within the organization and the answers given to customers.

2. Save money:

Decrease in paper consumption, removal of consumables and other services such as external storage, messaging services

3. Process standardization:

Combining the procedures to perform all tasks, defining the flows, this will make it possible to quantify the results of these tasks. Increasing electronic transactions, reducing paper percentage.

4. Mobility:

With Alfresco ECM, you can access and meet your institution’s needs from the web browser and the mobile application.

5. Keep your documents for years:

Documents without risk of corruption or loss.

These advantages are an example of the introduction to Alfresco ECM organizations that interact with services and processes. With the implementation of Alfresco ECM, decision-making improves agility, productivity and knowledge management. Regulation of the documents is more fluid and safe.