We have a team of experienced and open source enthusiasts in Open Source software. We chose the best products for you, we turned to turkish and offered your use. All this to make your job easier!

We want each company to be able to use BPM and CRM technologies to improve and improve business productivity.

We strive to make our services as useful to you and your users as possible.

Why You Should Study Us;

Open Source Written by Gönül Vermiş,
Supporting the world’s most popular business applications,
Having completed the localization work of Open Source Software,
We have a team with expertise in installation, training and support.
“Our vision is to bring Open Source Systems has become the most popular and preferred system in Turkey.”

“Our mission is to contribute to their development and growth so that SMEs can increase their productivity and profitability by offering the most preferred Open Source Systems in the world.”

What are we doing?

UNIBRAVO specializes in providing customized enterprise open source IT solutions and services. Since 2007, we strive to provide our customers with effective cost, high quality and integrated IT solutions with open source business applications and technologies. Such as BRAVO BPM (Business Flow and Business Process Management), BI (Business Intelligence), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Alfresco ECM, CMS Joomla Web Sites, Magento and PrestaShop E-commerce Software focused solutions.

We have a team of experienced and open source enthusiasts in Open Source software.

Who are we?

Open Source and Intelligent Business Practices Advisor: UniBravo

Since 2008, he has started to be known in the software industry and develops projects on open source coded bpm, crm, dms, ecm, erp, business and process management software. 1 engineer and 2 business-oriented training programs with a staff of three graduates began to work. ProcessMaker BPM from America, Openbravo S.L., a business process management system established in 2006, originating in Spain. (formerly OpenERP) system of Tiny Inc, founded in 2005, based in France, Alfresco ECM platform of the Alfresco ECM platform of Alfresco Inc., which has been operating in the United States since 2005, has joined the product and solution family as a Community Partner. UNIBRAVO has been able to offer the best solution for its customers with high quality, short time and cost. The standardized project has an exemplary structure that constantly improves innovation with architecture. It carries out its projects with the highest added value production philosophy, transferring knowhow to its customers. Unibravo is working diligently to improve open source software awareness and to develop local solutions.

What are we doing?

UniBravo develops open source applications and advises on various open source projects. UniBravo has implemented and worked on all popular open source products. We are here to help our customers who want to use open source business applications in their business. UniBravo keeps on his way with his own efforts. based on years of experience with software and open source operating staff is dedicated to be a candidate for one of the leading software brands in Turkey. Our goal is to be the best in Open Source Software consultancy.

Our main goal is to translate and develop open source business solution software in accordance with the sectoral needs in accordance with the terminology, making use of the latest innovations of technology and presenting it to the use of our people. In particular, it is a part of Enterprise resource planning which is Sales, Purchasing, Finance, Logistics, Production, MRP (Material Requirement Planning), Project Management modules and Document Management System.

Some of the work we’ve done

We have completed the translation of open source business application software, which provides solutions to many companies around the world. These; AlfrescoECM, KnowledgeTree, ProcessMaker, OpenERP, Odoo, Openbravo ERP, Adempiere ERP, Compiere ERP and xTuple ERP. Our aim is to contribute to restructuring by disciplining the business processes of these enterprises with these solutions. Modules in ERP, BPM and DMS Solutions; Financial Management, Material Management System, Production Management System, Purchasing and Sales Management System, Maintenance Management System, Project and Service Management, Document Management and other E-Business modules.

Companies using open source business solutions can be much more competitive in global environments by making effective use of decision-making processes. ERP support companies; how much raw material will be purchased, how many days it will be completed and delivered, and the rapidly changing operational results, with the help of the electronic environment, to respond instantly to customers. At the same time, managing a lot of business or managing a company on vacation turns out to be a usable system out of discourse.

Our business is to follow the open source ERP, CRM and DMS solutions in the direction of developments in the world, translate them in accordance with the Turkish market terminology, to anticipate the future needs of our business partners and to support their strategic objectives by producing functional solutions.

We would like to thank once again our business partners who supported us and wish to see you as our business partner.

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