The first 8 sectors needed for stable DMS. 8 Sectors Who Need Document Management? 8 Sectors Needing Document Management..!

8 Sectors Needing Document Management

Time, space and money saving makes the document management software a lifeline for any business, but especially for the following sectors:

1. Logistics

Logistics companies are the first of 8 Sectors that need Document Management. If you are in logistics, you know how tightly your staff is connected to shipping information. All relevant documents involved in the ordering and delivery process should be at the fingertips. The document management system is meant to facilitate workflow. Logistics specialists can easily share and track all shipping information, such as proof of delivery, receipt approval, or supply chain requirements.

2. Education

Education has always been an enormous amount of paper-consuming industry. Each educational institution produces a large number of students and graduate reports, registration forms, annual reports and admission details. Applying a single platform to hide all these documents is no longer an option. The main benefit for education is an enhanced cooperation between the school office, parents and external organizations (local authorities).

3. Health

The health sector is the paper industry. The stack of paper causes a defect. For example, it is very easy to lose or misuse a vital document such as a patient’s prescription. Without proper timing, a patient can get an inappropriate drug that can lead to a fatal outcome. DMS improves patient safety and reduces the number of legal sanctions against healthcare professionals by ensuring that medical records and patient information are safely maintained, patient discharge instructions, e-prescriptions, billing information, and insurance details are securely shared.

4. Government

The Economic Advisory Council (CEA) has published a report that malicious cyber activities, including the theft of sensitive financial and strategic information, cost the US economy between $ 57 billion and $ 106 billion in 2016. As can be seen, the recording of confidential information (eg tax information, financial records, business licenses, land use records, building permits and other sensitive data) becomes the primary task in this area.

Need for document security
Picture 3. Document security requirement, Canon Solutions America

5. Accounting

Statements of accounts and spreadsheets are carefully monitored within the company for fraud detection and prevention. Admit it; It is difficult to control all the financial paper flows in the organization without a document control software that can convert every incoming bill to an electronic file with a unique identifier. It is not difficult to manage any records (receipts, coupons, debt and credit, cash notes and e-checks) for the accounting firm or departments. For example, the digital solution with advanced search options makes a big contribution to the preparation of accounts for financial auditing by regulatory agencies.

6. Retail

As the volume of paper sales records increases, retailers are trying to find the necessary items quickly. In contrast, document incompatibility and non-compliance with the movement of products within the large supply chain lead to delays in customer service. Retailers are beginning to consider the idea of ​​an electronic document management system to keep purchasing orders, inventory reports, invoices, receipts, retail and wholesale contracts, and employee records from dealerships in one place. Obviously, simplified document inspection will speed up business processes and provide enhanced customer experience.

7. Banking

Banking sector is the seventh of 8 Sectors that need Document Management. Bank officials are interested in a wide range of articles such as policy documents (rules, regulations, guidelines, instructions, orders) to be accepted for enforcement, in-bank documentation on bank transactions and services, bank regulatory reports, credit reporting and accounting. Without a DMS platform that meets industry standards and provides audit roots and robust data security, it is becoming difficult to manage and provide any signup requests. The appropriate digital solution will improve the cooperation between the relevant banks, which enable the bank centers to have instant access to the interested parties.

8. Law firms

One of the 8 Sectors that need Document Management is Law firms. Legal experts sometimes need to review the summaries of statements, records and protocols received during the proceeding of a new case. The absence of a particular record in his hand hinders the progress of lawyers. Valuable time is lost. Often, when the document finally arrives, at one point all lawyers need to be copied to file a lawsuit against the members of the team. The implementation of DMS solves these problems. All employee team members have access to documentation and can simultaneously work simultaneously with third parties such as Office 365 and Google Docs.

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